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Israeli born Eyal Lovett is one of the most prominent jazz pianists and band leaders currently active in Europe. Eyal was chosen to be the 2017 “Artist of the year” by Jazzy Berlin. In June 2018 Eyal Lovett Trio won 1st place at the international competition JazzWings in Warsaw. In 2022 Eyal graduated from the prestigious Soloist program in the Royal Academy of Music, Aalborg. For the last 5 years Eyal has been a BERTHOLD Records artist, and their collaboration continues as Eyal's 5th album "Where do we go from here?" will be released December 2024.


Eyal's 4th album "Through the Rain" was released Feb 2022 by BERTHOLD Records to critical acclaim. The album also caught the attention of spotify playlist editors, and achieved over 500000 in streams to date.

"There are so many treasures here – and these eighty-four minutes have, over a period of time, repeatedly called me back to focus on their intricacies and their sincerity. At the moment, I wouldn’t stray far without this very special collection" - Adrian Pallant

Eyal's music is focused on storytelling, deep and thoughtful compositions, and mesmerising performance and execution. Influenced by the likes of Bill Evans and Brad Mehldau as well as Avishai Cohen, Shai Maestro and Gilad Hekselman, Eyal's music has a "classical" architecture and development, rhythmical complexity, and Mediterranean compelling melodies.

Eyal's 3rd album was recorded in a live performance in Horns Erben, Leipzig. It features his trio plus the acclaimed Eran Har Even on guitar. The album was released July 2019 by Berthold Records.

 "A superb quartet. We want them back again" - David Lyons 


Eyal's 2nd album - "Tales From a Forbidden Land" was released to critical acclaim on November 2016. The double album was released by the London based label Two Rivers Records and features the renowned guitar player Gilad Hekselman

"Much of the music references Lovett's homeland, with nostalgia, longing, mystery. There are lovely, piquant ruminations, intimate, nuanced conversations. There is hope; there is disappointment. Lovett pens delicate, achingly beautiful melodies" - Dan Mcclenaghan

Eyal's debut album - "Let Go" was released in November 2013 to critical acclaim. The music is a blend of original compositions, jazz standards and israeli music. 


"Lovett shares his rhythmic, compositional, and harmonic prowess..."Let Go" acts as a mirror that reflects Lovett’s voice as an arranger, composer, and pianist" - all about jazz

Eyal has been touring  in Europe for the last 11 years, as a band leader, solo concerts and as a sideman. Noted collaborations include Ehud Banai, Gilad Hekselman, Eran Har Even, Kenneth Dahl Knudsen, Amit Friedman, Noam David, Yogev Shitrit, Yinon Mualem, Ganna Gryniva and many more. Eyal studied in New York with such renowned musicians as Sam Yahel, George Cables, Hal Galper and Ari Hoening. In Israel he studied classical music with Sarah Tal and Rachel Feinstein and jazz with Amit Golan, Ofer Ganor, Omri Mor, Yuval Cohen and Alon Yavnai. Eyal is also an award winning alumni of the first class of the prestigious joint program of The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music and The Israeli Conservatory. He continued his education at the New School in New York, where he was awarded scholarships for outstanding performance.


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