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Private and Ensemble lessons

Teaching music is one of my passions. I've been teaching for over a decade, from the very beginners to the highly advanced professional musicians, and I absoloutly love it. I was very lucky to study with some of the best teachers in the world - for classical piano and for jazz, improvisation and ensemble playing, and I very much like to share the knowledge I've acquired. I have also studied ear training with the world renowned Dr. Bat Sheva Rubinstein, and can pass on her ground breaking methods for developing the ear.


Amongst my teachers were: Sam Yahel, Hal Galper, George Cables, Omri Mor, Amit Golan, Ofer Ganor, Dr. Bat Sheva Rubinstein, Rachel Feinstein and Sarah Tal.

Piano Lessons


Proper Technique, sound production, correct movement of the fingers, wrist, hand and arm, and the different methods to produce all the variaty of sound a piano can produce. 


Note reading, performance and interpetation of compostions, analysis of the piece and understanding all the different layers of it.


Improvisation, harmony, theory - in general music and in genres - jazz, folk, funk, blues etc. 


Jazz playing - from very traditional to very modern, all aspects of jazz piano playing.


Improvisation lessons


For all instruments - from intermediate to advanced students only. Learning methods of practicing improvisation and implementing harmonic concepts on your instrument.



Ensemble playing - how to make the band sound together, and what is the responsibility of each member in the band in different situations.

Ear Training


Dr. Bat Sheva Rubinstein is one of the greatest musical educators of our time. She has developed over the years a uniqure approach to learning ear-training and harmony, in an amazingly effective way. A good ear is probably the most important skill for a musician, and it's defenitly for me. I can only recommend it to anyone and everyone.

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